Annual Conference 2023 Summary & Highlights

Annual Conference 2023 Summary

The 2023 Annual Conference was held June 9 - 12 at the KI Convention Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The theme of the session was “On Earth as it is in Heaven” – Engaging in Transformative Community Building based on scripture from Philippians 2. 

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All videos and materials can be found on the conference website at Below are some highlights from Annual Conference. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out us at

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Annual Conference Photos- Days 1 & 2
Annual Conference Photos- Days 3 & 4

Welcome to The Dongbu Conference from Korea

Rev, Forrest Wells, accompanied by Rev. AHyun Lee of Garrett-Evangelical’s faculty, introduced seven visiting members from the Dongbu Conference of the Korean Methodist Church. Bishop Jung presented gifts, including a Green Packers cap, to Bishop Kim. Deb Pattee and Heidi Careaga presented gifts to the delegation on behalf of the United Women in Faith. Rev. In-Wha Shon presented an icon written by Rev. Mark Klaisner.

Dr. Viera, Garrett Theological Seminary, Leads Bible Study for Annual Conference Day 2 Opening Worship

The day began with opening devotion led by the worship team of Waupaca Area Regional Ministry. Speaking in Spanish, Bishop Hee-Soo Jung welcomed Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary President Javier A. Viera, who was introduced by Rev. Barb Certa-Werner. Viera recalled the bishop’s “simple invitation” to come to the Conference and offer a Bible study that would help “continue radical inclusion and racial justice as the priority of our missional direction.” “An easy task, right?” Viera said.

"This country is rightfully obsessed with a narrative that implies a binary: black and white. I am not. Stepping into this conversation is risky. It is not the only reckoning that is necessary. (e.g. the reckoning with native peoples, Hispanic Latino peoples, Asian-Pacific islanders)".

When we are at a best as a church, liminal spaces are where we are at our best, where we have difficult conversations that lead to healing and reconciliation, that allow us to encounter God in truthful ways. People are afraid to go to these places. But that’s a core of our mission as the church.

2023 Budget Presentation Presented by Sarah Sneider, Conference Treasurer and Director of Administration

Nearly 240 local churches paid 100% of their 2022 apportionments. We budgeted to receive $6.1 million in apportionment revenue in 2022. We received $6 million.

Other Financial Report Highlights:

  • Global Connections paid to GCFA was 100%
  • Sales of closed churches netted $555,000 to Foundation for New Ministry
  • We have received $3,964,166 from disaffiliating churches (unpaid apportionments, 12 months of apportionments, benefit premiums paid for May & June 2023, unfunded pension liability, estimated legal fees ($10,000 each)
  • Boy Scout settlement: Allocated settlement cost for Wisconsin Conference is $208,096. Additional donations or reserve needed: $157,719.
  • 2024 budget was presented (will be Action Item wc108)
    • Details on Pages 31-45 of Part 1 of the Pre-Conference Workbook.
    • Disaffiliating churches represented $880,000 in apportionments
    • To not punish remaining churches, estimated gross apportionments were reduced accordingly. A portion of the disaffiliating funds received will be applied to the 2024 budget.
    • Most committee budgets kept the same
    • General Church increased $130,000

Ingathering Success at Annual Conference 2023

Ingathering 2023 was a huge success and we are awed by your generosity. You are people with hearts for service and love of others. The truck was jammed packed with donations. As Ingathering 2023 ended we barely had room for our drivers, Chuck and Karen’s luggage, and still be able to close the door!

You brought in 1,456 Personal Dignity kits, far outdoing last year’s 977. You also brought 246 Home Care kits, so many sewing machines, medical equipment, bikes, school kits, shampoo, laundry detergent, blankets & more weighing in at 15,720 lbs. In 2 days a total of $5,161.66 was donatedRead more about Ingathering 2023 

If you would like to make a donation please write a check to: Wisconsin Conference add “Ingathering” to memo line.

Wisconsin Conference Of The UMC
750 Windsor Street, Sun Prairie, WI 53590

We have 2 permanent drop off sites available for donations throughout the year. Check Midwest Mission's website, Projects & Patterns tab and Donate tab list the current needs. View more photos of Ingathering 2023

Annual Conference Offerings

Please consider supporting one of our Annual Conference funds this year. If you weren't able to make an offering at Annual Conference and would still like to, click here. Thank you for considering joining us in supporting one of these valuable funds.

Worship Services

During Annual Conference there was an Opening Worship service and 3 main worship services throughout the conference. As has become tradition of the Wisconsin Annual Conference, an Oneida drum circle preceded opening worship. Rev. Sue D’Alessio recognized the First Nations lands upon whom we gather. Rev. Barb Certa-Werner led the assembly in an opening prayer invoking the Spirit’s presence. Opening worship followed.

Bishop Jung recognized of all those in the Wisconsin Conference who have died in the past year, since the last Annual Conference. “I can’t stop thanking God for you,” Jung said, echoing the words of the Apostle Paul.

A time of recognition followed in which Barbara Dick read names of those related to the Conference who have died since the last Annual Conference. A candle was lit and a chime struck for each one. 

Saturday night held a service of Covenant and Renewal with anointing. Worship began with the Conference singing The Church’s One Foundation. In the call to worship, attendees declared: “We gather to mourn our brokenness, to acknowledge our need for healing and to seek our future as your people.” Bishop Jung gave the meditation on the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 8:26-39.

The Ordination Service was held Sunday afternoon following the business of the Annual Conference and was led by Bishop Hee-Soo Jung. Five people were presented for licensing as a local pastor, two people were commissioned as provisional elders, two were ordained as elders, and one ordained as a deacon.

All the worship services can be found on the conference website or on the conference YouTube channel

Harmony Choir's Moving Performance At The 2023 Annual Conference Ordination Service 

The Harmony Choir, directed by Rev. Sangwook Park and led by Rev. David Kim, provided beautiful music during the ordination service on Sunday afternoon.

We appreciate your performing at the Ordination service with your God gifted talents. We also want to give thanks to those who signed up for the ordination choir. We are looking forward to meeting you again next year!

Below are links for both photos and a YouTube video of the ordination service. If anyone has pictures or videos, please share them with us all. Hope you enjoy the little break we have, and we cannot wait to meet again soon! Read more
Ordination Service YouTube Link
Click here to view photos

Business & Action Items

Throughout the weekend the business of the Annual Conference was administered through video presentations, live speakers, action items voted on, and dialogue. All action items presented to the body for vote passed. For a complete list of the action items voted on and the results please see the 2023 Annual Conference Summary.

Moving Forward with the Beloved Community in WI- Post Disaffiliation Vote

Bishop Jung preceded the vote reading from a prepared statement, saying in part, “Connectionalism is at the heart of what it means to be a United Methodist. … While many of us lament these decisions, we must respect the discernment that has taken place.

“It is not a time for taking sides, expressing anger, or cheering and clapping. It is a time for prayer and generous care for one another.”

Rev. Paul Gregerson, chair of the conference Trustees, brought forth resolutions from 43 churches seeking to disaffiliate under ¶ 2553 of the Book of Discipline, which provided a limited window of time for congregations to do so, for reasons of conscience over issues of human sexuality. He reviewed the necessary steps which were previously published and are listed elsewhere.

The main vote followed, preceded by Bishop Jung’s prayer, and followed – while awaiting the vote results – by singing Come and fill our hearts with your grace/peace/love.

Vote to disaffiliate, Action item wc 400 – Approved 461 yes, 32 no.

If your church has decided to disaffiliate and you would like to remain United Methodist, please visit our website at

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