Rainbow Covenant

Rainbow Covenant

Rainbows represent God’s promise. We delight when a rainbow brightens the horizon after
a storm. Your participation in the work of the Rainbow Covenant in Wisconsin will bring such delight to the hearts and souls of those who are in need of God’s promise.

As your church, missions committee, Sunday school class, small group or youth group looks for ways to engage others, the brochure can help. You will find opportunities among the eight bands of the rainbow that will pull you into places of need, both near and far. You can download a copy of the brochure below. 

How to Become a Rainbow Covenant Church
1. Make a commitment to pay 100% of your apportionments
2. Select Projects or Missionaries to support in each color band of the Rainbow Covenant.

  • Local Mission (Red Band)
  • Special Sundays (Orange Band)
  • Conference Projects (Yellow Band)
  • International Advance Projects (Blue Band)
  • National Advance Projects (Green Band)
  • Missionary Support (Burgundy Band)
  • In Mission Together /Bolivia Partnership (Indigo Band)

3. Return completed Rainbow Covenant Form (on back) by March 31, 2024.