Welcome to the People Portal

The Wisconsin Conference People Portal will allow you to create a login that's unique to you and that you can use to access and review information in our Conference database -- both your individual information and information about your church through the Church Dashboard. 

Who can access the People Portal? 
  • Currently Appointed Clergy
  • Pastor/Staff Parish Relations Chairs
  • Treasurers
  • Finance Chairs
  • Church/Admin Council Chairs
  • Trustee Chairs
  • Lay Leaders
  • Church Office Administrators
  • Retired Clergy
If you have not logged in before: 

If you have not logged in before, click here: https://www.wisconsinumc.org/peopleportalsigninhelp. Use your email address on file with the Conference and hit submit. You will receive an email on how to set your password.

Logging in to the Portal: 

Click the button below to login. You will need your username and password. Be sure to log out when you are finished. If you have forgotten your password, use the "Need help logging in" link to receive an email to reset your password. 

People Portal Login →


Reviewing your information

Individual Information
The People Portal allows you to make changes to your contact information. It is important that your contact information is kept up to date as this is the information that the Conference uses to connect with you. The update information link does not allow you to make changes to your name. If you have a name change, please contact the District Office. 

Church Information
Depending on your leadership assignment in your church, you may have access to the Church Dashboard. The Church Dashboard allows you to view basic information about your church, your church's leadership assignments, Charge Conference Forms, and to ensure that we have the correct, most up-to-date information in our database and on our website. 

Who has access the Church Dashboard? 
  • Currently Appointed Clergy
  • Pastor/Staff Parish Relations Chairs
  • Treasurers
  • Church/Admin Council Chairs
  • Church Office Administrators

Once inside the Church Dashboard, you will be able to view and edit the following information: 

  • Church information
  • Leadership Assignments
  • Leaders List (printable)
  • New Fund Balance Report
  • Charge Conference Forms

Having up-to-date information about our churches is essential to our internal record keeping. It is also important for our Conference website where having the correct address and worship time(s), links to your active social media, as well as correct contact information makes it easier for potential visitors to find you. See your church information as it appears on our website: https://www.wisconsinumc.org/our-churches

Making corrections

If you see any information that needs to be corrected or updated that you are not able to care for yourself, please contact the District Administrators and they will be able to make those changes for you. 

Please help us keep our records up-to-date by keeping your information current. In addition, we suggest that you review your church's information at least once a year.